IWCW Day 4: Valuing All Writers

Often we’re asked: What kind of writers visit the University Writing Center? Our honest response is always: All types. Really.

We welcome everyone in the UofL community–students, faculty and staff– and many writers a year take us up on that offer. (Side note: we tallied over 5,000 consultations last year). Today, Assistant Director Amy Nichols and consultants Emily Blair and Elizabeth Dean share how they value the writers who visit our Center.

“I really love working with writers several times over the course of the semester, because I really get to know them and their work. Writers work so hard to do well in a difficult course or to perfect the details of their application, and it’s always exciting to hear that they were accepted to their dream internship or got a good grade in their hardest class. It’s so rewarding to watch their hard work pay off, and I feel like it’s a privilege for me to be a part of their process.”
Elizabeth’s Five Strategies for Citation Management

“I really enjoy watching writers experience someone taking their ideas and their writing seriously. When we start to have conversations about what a writer wants for their work, I often see questions of organization and language start to answer themselves, and those moments are so rewarding.”
Amy expands upon the “bigger picture” of writing center work, the writers (from 2013)

“I think my favorite thing about working in University of Louisville’s Writing Center is how diverse the writers are who visit us. We have writers from around the world who are working on everything from English 101 reflections to doctoral dissertations. I get to work with non-traditional students coming back to school for the first time in decades, and students who are the first people in their families to go to college. I learn from every student’s unique perspective through working with them on their writing, and I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to have dialogues with so many people every day.”
Emily’s Five Tips for Successfully Rewriting

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