IWCW Day 5: A Culture of Writing

Our final insights for the week are from Assistant Director Laura Tetreault and consultants Karley Miller and Jessica Good. They share some ways our Center fosters a culture of writing at the University of Louisville.

“I have a lot of favorite things about working at the University Writing Center as one of the Assistant Directors: mentoring our awesome staff of consultants; planning programming and events; visiting classes in different disciplines; and working with writers from widely different backgrounds and learning about their projects during sessions. It’s a great opportunity to meet so many writers and hopefully help foster a culture of writing on campus.”

Join Laura for an upcoming Writing Center workshop: Writing About LGBTQ+ Issues
Tuesday, March 1 at 5pm in the University Writing Center, all UofL student writers welcome

“Having the opportunity to talk writers through ‘assignment anxiety’ is probably my favorite part about working in the Writing Center. Writers often come in questioning their ability to interpret prompts, articulate ideas, or write in a new genre. The assignment has become this overwhelming thing that makes them feel powerless and alone. I like being able to emphasize that they aren’t weird or “bad” at writing, that all writers (including myself) have the same fear(s). This moment of connection enables us to focus on demystifying the assignment and renewing the writer’s sense of control. I absolutely love to watch a writer’s demeanor grow more and more confident throughout a session.”
Jessica answers: What Justin Bieber can teach us about genre?

“The best part of our writing center is Robin’s desk (and all the great people who work behind it). They take care of getting people registered, on the schedule, and to the right consultant. At UofL’s Writing Center, we work with everyone–including many people who might not feel comfortable using the online appointment system. Without Robin and her team, I don’t think we’d be nearly as accessible. Not to mention, the folks at the desk are constantly modifying the schedule to keep up with change throughout the day, and making sure as many people as possible are able to make the appointment they need.”
Karley’s suggestions for handling revision anxiety

Karley meets with a writer.


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