IWCW Day 3: Experiencing Writing

When we asked them about their favorite aspect of writing center work, three of our staff mentioned the opportunity to experience writing. As we continue our celebration of International Writing Center’s week, today we hear from Assistant Director of the Virtual Writing Center Jamila Kareem and consultants Deanna Babcock and Jenny Kiefer.

“I love learning about all of the different subjects and genres writers bring in with their essays. I appreciate seeing the multitude of different ways writing can be used in many different fields. Most of all, I love being able to help these writers express their ideas and arguments.”
Jenny explains how the scientific method could help with your writing process.

“My favorite part of working in the Writing Center has to be seeing how all of the writers we work with use written language to achieve do many different goals. As a lover of writing, working for the Writing Center gives me the opportunity to experience it across genres, contexts, and meanings while helping others become more confident writers.”
Learn more about Jamila and the Virtual Writing Center for distance students

“My favorite part of working in the Writing Center is having the opportunity to teach writers something new. I especially love it if I see them again and they’ve used my suggestions in a new piece, indicating that they’ve learned a new skill, or that they’re at least trying it out.”
Deanna’s advice for avoiding cliches at the beginning of your paper.

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