Happy International Writing Centers Week!

In honor of International Writing Centers Week, we’re highlighting our wonderful staff! Today we feature Assistant Director Stephen Cohen and consultants Alex Wasson and Cheyenne Franklin.

What is your favorite aspect of working in the University Writing Center?

“For me, the most rewarding thing about working in the Writing Center is getting to share in what people are working on. I’ve seen some amazing projects in process, from Art History papers to articles on new MRI techniques. Every appointment is a new chance to see what’s going on elsewhere in the University, and it is always so impressive!”
Stephen’s advice for focusing personal statements

“Collaborations with writers on resumes, personal statements, and cover letters are my favorite moments as a writing center consultant. There are few moments more nerve-wracking in a person’s life than job or program applications, and I aim to do everything I can to soothe nerves and help writers put their best foot forward.”
Alex’s suggestions for overcoming anxiety at the beginning of the writing process

“My favorite part of our Writing Center is the fun our consultants and writers have together. Just the other day I overheard a writer smiling and joking with his consultant as they worked on his paper. Whether writers come once or they are long time regulars, we welcome them to come grapple with writing and have a little fun doing it.”
Cheyenne’s tips for interpreting and understanding writing assignments

Cheyenne talking with a writer.

Do you have a good memory from the University Writing Center? Share it in the comments!

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