How I Write: Jeffery Carter — Podcaster

Our “How I Write” series asks writers from the University of Louisville community and beyond to respond to five questions that provide insight into their writing processes and offer advice to other writers. Through this series, we promote the idea that learning to write is an ongoing, life-long process and that all writers, from first-year students to career professionals, benefit from discussing and collaborating on their work with thoughtful and respectful readers. The series will be featured every other Wednesday.

This week we feature our first writer from beyond the university community. Jeffery Carter lives and works in Louisville, KY. His hobbies include boxing, video gaming, reviewing video games and movies, and hosting his own podcast. In his podcast, Nerds Socialize, Carter discusses a range of topics from changing social contracts, to addictive tendencies, to the latest pop culture. With his podcast, he aims to spread the message that “interacting with others is a great thing, and can help you overcome great obstacles in life.”

How I Write: Jeffery Carter

carter_workspaceLocation: Just about anywhere, but on the floor in my room is best (see the bowl? Yeah, I’m on the “poor bowl ‘o noodle” diet)

Current project: Unsung Knightmares (various short stories and eventually, and hopefully, a novel), and Game Reviews

Currently reading: This blog

  1. What type(s) of writing do you regularly engage in?

    I write a lot of short stories and create characters. I also like writing reviews for various types of media like video games and tv shows.

  2. When/where/how do you write?

    When Do I write? I write when I feel the mood. I usually write a little bit during most days, and if I’m not writing, I’m usually thinking up ideas or concepts for other stories, or existing ones. The best time for me to write is when I get a really good idea or concept that just makes me excited, cause then the words just seem to flow from me. I also write after I review games or shows, when they’re still fresh in my head.

    Where do I write? well… I’ll write just about anywhere. One of my recent writing habits is writing on my iphone using the “notes” app just about anywhere, espeically when I get cool ideas on the spot.

    How do I write? Well, in a review, I write heavily in my own voice and opinion. I tend to right my own voice as a bit hyper and eccentric at times. The reason for this is mainly due to the fact that when I review, I’m usually very very excited and hyper in general after wathcing or doing whatever is that I’m reviewing at that time. When I write for a story, I try my best to get into the character as much as I can, so I can think more like that character, and think up actions that said character would do in the situation they are in.

  3. What are your writing necessities—tools, accessories, music, spaces?

    A computer or an iphone. Thanks to technology, writing can be done pretty much anywhere at anytime. A perfect example of this is social media, and how often people tweet or post on twitter and facebook when they’re away from their houses… where all their stuff is… that everyone now knows is unguarded. So all I need is some kind of technology that has a word processor on it. now as for music, it is usually one or two songs on repeat. what those songs are just depend on my mood, or the “vibe” of what I’m writing. For intense fight scenes in my stories, I’ll listen to a lot of loud metal, or intense techno. The most frequent song is the Mortal Kombat theme music. And as for space, well, just about anywhere, BUT my preferred space is on my floor, computer on my coffee table, TV on (but on mute), music blaring with a drink of some sort near by.

  4. What is your best tip for getting started and/or for revision?

    If you’re writing a story, then just let it play out. Don’t second guess yourself, else your wrting becomes forced and un-natural. If you write a story that plays out how real life would, people can relate more to what’s going on.

  5. carterWhat is the best writing advice you’ve received?

    Be you. When you try to write how you think people want you to, then you’re not writing what you want anymore.

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