Art and Writing in the Writing Center

Bronwyn T. Williams, Director

The core concern of the University Writing Center is right in the middle of our name – Writing. We work with anyone on campus, with any piece of writing, at any point in the writing process from getting started to final editing. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that we’re focused on, obsessed with, and even more than a little in love with, words.

Art and Text in the Writing Center

It’s hard to describe how excited everyone here was, then, when Professor Gabrielle Meyer showed up last week with paintings from her Art 501 – Concepts in Painting students. Professor Meyer, who has been coordinating the student artwork on display in the Writing Center this year, assigned her students in the class to create works of art that contained printed words. She created the assignment with display of the works in the Writing Center in mind.

As Professor Meyer described the assignment:

The idea for this concept comes directly from the professional art world.  Galleries and art centers often send out a “call to submit artwork” by concept or theme.   Our concept is inspired by a recent juried international opportunity to submit artwork to Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio.

 Not long after humanity began drawing, drawings evolved into writing. Pictures became symbols, abstraction blossomed, and language became visual. Two branches, sharing one root, carried forward people’s ideas, feelings, and plans. The visual and the verbal arts shared the role of encapsulating civilization’s data.

Art and Text in the Writing Center

The students in class responded to the assignment with inventive and thought-provoking combinations of creativity and craft. The paintings are stunning individually, and, hung together, they create a fascinating range of representations of about how words work both as concepts and as aesthetic objects themselves. For our consultants and clients coming to the Writing Center each day, the paintings are points of conversation, objects of contemplation, and a wonderful reminder of how writing permeates our lives and our identities.

I want to offer my thanks to the artists, for their generosity in allowing us to display their work: Alex Kenitzer, Ashley Triplett, Sarah Reasor, Olivia Perkins, Sandra Charles, Brittni Pullen, Audrey Marberry, Miriam Nienhuis, and Amber Schultz.

Please come up to the Writing Center to see this intelligent and creative work!

By Miriam Nienhuis
By Amber Schultz
By Brittni Pullen
By Audrey Marberry
By Sandra Charles
By Olivia Perkins
By Sarah Reasor
By Ashley Triplett
By Alex Kenitzer

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