Fall in the Writing Center

Hannah Harrison

One of my favorite things about the Writing Center—the physical space itself, I mean—are the giant windows that look out over the quad. The view makes me feel like the Writing Center is not really contained inside Ekstrom Library; it’s actually suspended in a tree house.

We’re nearing the last week of October, but—for the most part—the leaves out there are still green. Last week one of the trees’ leaves got wise and turned brilliant yellow. I’ll miss the full foliage of summer, but I’m looking forward to the earthy, warm colors as the season changes to winter.

Of course, autumn leaves also remind me how much time we’ll all soon be spending inside (a sad thing for this wannabe gardener). With the gray, chilly rain we’ve had this week, I’ve already noticed how much more difficult it is to find a quiet study nook in the library. I might be giving away Ekstrom’s best kept secret, but I guess that’s part of my job: If you’ve gotta be cooped up inside with the books, U of L’s Writing Center is by far the best place to be on campus.

Nia, one of the Writing Center tutors, enjoying some quiet time by the windows.

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